So you’re trying to make some app work on Guix or maybe you have some questions on how to do X or Y, you use google to find what you’re looking for but there isn’t that much results, not much on stackoverflow either so where are you supposed to look?

Everybody in this community (mostly) hang out in mailing lists or IRC, you can see the archive of each of these in the below links:

I highly recommend that you subscribe to these lists, there is an actual subreddit for Guix but not many people there.

If you have a bug or try to package some app not yet in guix, first check this site:

Here is an awesome list for Guix that I found not so long ago:

When I was starting out with this system and had trouble configuring my system to make the wifi, bluetooth works… I found that the most effective thing to do in this situation was to stalk people involved in the project to lift some parts of their configuration, here is a small list I’ve compiled:

Now let say you want to deploy guix in production, where do you find examples?

You want to make nvidia works? Check out the nonguix channel

As of february 2024 this is the PR that makes NVIDIA actually works on my machine

Finally let’s not forget the official site and the cookbook

Youtube wise last time I checked there wasn’t much content about Guix in general, only videos on the topic were from Andrew Tropin and System Crafters.